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Park Accessories

You have to choose the right benches, picnic tables, grills and trash receptacles to complete the perfect park. Through GameTime, MWP Recreation offers turnkey solutions for park and recreation directors to create a community destination.

These park accessories are built with the same durable materials as our playground equipment. We're supported by a worldwide network of qualified recreation consultants. With our team of experts, you can make your park a welcome retreat for your community.

Benches - Img 0489 807 1597776113


We offer a wide variety of benches to complete your park setting.

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Bike Racks - Dero Orange 808 1597776118

Bike Racks

Help keep your community active by adding bike racks.

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Grills - Family Sized Grill  49 3669 1469735888 9A0Af0B9Cf187422F801D16F6C5Cb06B 200210 171841 597 1581373120


Families will picnic in your park if you add grills.

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Trash Cans - Arlington Receptacle Ul9310 200210 171844 598 1581373124

Trash Cans

You can keep your park clean by adding litter receptacles.

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Picnic Tables - 358 H P Classic Ada Table 2 1 200210 171849 599 1581373128

Picnic Tables

Add picnic tables to encourage park use.

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Shelters - Cedarburg Shelter2 Wi 2 809 1597776122


Shelters encourage park use even when the weather isn't optimal.

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Shade Structures - Camo Shade 601 1581373137

Shade Structures

Shade structures add comfort, fun and style to any playground. Studies have shown that playgrounds that provide a comfortable play environment, including shade from the sun, encourage children to play longer and to realize more benefits from play.

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Grandstands, Press Boxes & Bleachers - Grandstand Bleachers Eisenhower Decatur Il 609 1581373344

Grandstands, Press Boxes & Bleachers

Spectator and team seating are an important part of any sporting facility. We can provide customers with outstanding quality at a very competitive price on permanent grandstands, press boxes, bleachers, and team benches to meet all of your seating needs.

Playground Surfacing - Poured In Place Rubber 813 1597776255

Playground Surfacing

Surfacing is a big step in creating a safer play space is selecting the right surfacing solution. Surfacing products from GT Impax are engineered to work with our play systems and are matched to the specifications required for adequate safety surfacing.

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