Aquatic Playground Equipment


Water Play

Besides standard playground equipment, we also provide Water Odyssey spray parks, splash pads, and aquatic play equipment. The Water Odyssey™ division of Fountain People was established in 1996 to provide the market with the highest quality aquatic playground equipment available. As the leading designer and manufacturer of interactive water features in the country we have been able to bring cutting edge technology to the design of aquatic playgrounds.

Benefits of Water Odyssey Products

  • Maximum interchangeability with the Switcheroo Anchor Base System
  • High-quality stainless steel and brass that reduces maintenance and stands up to extreme climates
  • Low-profile flanges and rounded hardware reduces stubbed toes.
  • Superior coating system that stands up to chemicals, UV, and active play and makes it easy to clean
  • Can customize projects to meet your needs or follow a particular theme.

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