Help Your Community THRIVE with Outdoor Adult Fitness


These days, pretty much everyone could use a little more physical activity. Exercise helps with mental and physical well being, and when you take it outside, also improves social and community health. Exercising outdoors is also linked to longer periods of activity, while also providing much needed sunshine and fresh air. And Outdoor Fitness Equipment reduces barriers for everyone!

The THRIVE System is a compact, durable workout system that’s ready to bring all these benefits to your community. It comes in three sizes and packs a variety of full body exercise into a small space that can be used by 7 to 20 people at a time.


All models come with signage and QR codes to teach people exercises that can be done with the equipment at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Even the most compact unit, the THRIVE 250, boasts seven workout stations, while the THRIVE 900 has twenty! Your park can expand use with exercise classes, medicine balls and ropes, and adding shades will allow the equiment to be used in more kinds of weather.

All THRIVE systems are eligible for the Gametime Community Grant, with up to $15,000 dollars in funding.

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