Give Me Shelters


Looking for an easy and cost effective way to improve your park this season?

Add a shelter!

Shelters have become more than simple picnic areas and can now easily include performance spaces, concession stands, plumbing and electrical options, and bathrooms.

Bathrooms are a critical addition to making parks more accessible. Reliable bathroom access allows everyone, but especially young children, nursing mothers and the elderly, to spend more time in your park enjoying the outdoors with friends, family and neighbors.


Shelters can also serve as gathering areas for local organizations or warming houses and cooling houses to serve their communities in extreme temperatures. With a wide range of customization and materials available, they can fit any budget and be integrated into any style.

And the best part? They are easy to install. Minnesota Wisconsin Playground works with Cedar Forest Products to install shelters that come pre-engineered to comply with local building codes and are ready to install right off the truck.

Click here to lean more about one of the easiest ways to improve your park.

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