It Will Get Warmer


February in Minnesota and Wisconsin is a time of anticipation. It’s time to hope it’s about to get warmer, and being disappointed about days like today when it feels like it will never get warmer.

For gardeners, particularly gardeners on social media, this anticipation has an extra sting- a lot of the country is starting their seeds already. Scrolling through your feed and seeing Missourians with their seed trays set out, Texans with tomato seedlings, even Floridians with outright gardens growing, can make your hands itch to start measuring out your potting soil and turning your compost.

kelly-sikkema-iu3MkDoQXDM-unsplash.jpg#asset:8116It feels so far away...

It may be too cold for those poor seeds, and that compost is probably frozen solid, but we do have some time left to dream about gardening, and plan how plants can add not just beauty, but play value to our playgrounds!


Playcore has a full plant planning guide, with Growth Zone information, that can help you find plants to compliment your play area and make it a community destination.

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