Soggy Spring? Sweaty Summer? Shades & Shelters Have You Covered


Weitkamp Park: Hudson, WIOrono Park Shelter

When thinking of a new park or improving an existing one, shades and shelters are on the top of the list for their many benefits.


  • Provide area to cool off. In fact, a shaded space can temperature reductions of up to 25 degrees.
  • Protect against UV rays. With sun protection from harmful UV rays that can cause minor sunburns to severe skin cancer, shades offer people peace mind.
  • Allow for easy maintenance including the ability to remove the shade as well adjust tension.
  • Make a park memorable with customizable features such as shapes, colors, and the ability to include logos on the fabric to give the park aesthetic interest or branding.


  • Offer a place to escape the hot sun, soaking rain, or other inclement weather.
  • Have the ability to include plumbing and electrical.
  • Can be built to serve a multitude of uses: picnic area, restroom facilities, performance space, concession stand, or just as a simple outdoor gathering space.

To learn more and see examples of shades and shelters, check out our online/downloadable catalogs from the following manufacturers:



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