Have You Been to an Indoor Playground?


Year Round Fun

The most obvious benefit of an indoor playground, especially in this part of the country, is that an indoor playground is immune to weather fluctuations. Blazing heat, driving snow, or even just a little rain are problems for outdoor playgrounds.

But an indoor playground’s ability to be climate controlled is only one of the benefits it offers.


Indoor playgrounds have restricted access that prevents animals and human vandals from leaving a mess on the equipment, which means they get let dirty than outdoor equipment to start with. When indoor playgrounds do need cleaning, the non-porous vinyl surfaces can be easy wiped down and sanitized.


Indoor Playgrounds are made of soft surfaces to cushion falls and prevent bumped heads. They nurture a child’s adventurous spirit by giving them the opportunity to climb high, protected by netting and guardrails.

Indoor playgrounds also have smaller footprints, making it easier for grown ups to keep an eye on their charges.

Check out your nearest indoor playground this winter!