Is Housing Going to the Dogs?


Dog parks are one of the fastest growing amenities being offered in multifamily housing settings. A shift has occurred from once being considered a luxury feature, then to offering a competitive edge and is now deemed nearly a necessity. A strong movement towards urban dwelling coupled with a large increase in dog ownership has dictated the need for accommodating this pup-ulation.


The millennial generation, now surpassing the baby boomers, has created a generational shift in lifestyles and mindsets including the deferment of having children. This gap has been filled with becoming dog owners and having income to support this industry more than ever before. According to Pet Food Industry, 57 percent of millennial households own a pet and 39 percent plan on owning a pet in the future.

What does this mean for multifamily housing complexes? Doing the math on this shifting equation means that dog parks not only bring value to housing communities, but are now a necessity in attracting potential residents. As a top amenity sought for millennials, it keeps properties “on the A list” by home seekers, as well as increasing retention overall.

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